Coral Frags & Colonies
Retail Store

Our retail store and show room opened its doors in April of 2017.


The inside was designed and constructed in a way to house the healthiest possible aquariums.


We constantly stock our numerous tanks with diverse wildlife and carry all of the equipment for the hobby.

Our team has over 10 years experience tending and aquaculturing corals.  Come and browse our unbelievable selection of healthy corals.

We offer a wide selection of fish species from all over the world.


Our tanks are constantly being filled with new stock.  The diverse selection has the right fish for any aquarium.

Corals are a huge passion of ours.  We have beautiful and healthy colonies and frags of dozens of corals available at extremely friendly prices.


Inverts range from essential cleanup crew members like shrimp and snails to amazing anemones and sea stars.

We carry a full line of products to meet all of your needs including:

- All in one aquariums

- Tanks

- Stands

- Pumps

- Lights

- Powerheads

- Heaters

- Rock & Sand

- Filters and filter media

- Food, dry & frozen

- Filtered fresh water

- Pre-mixed salt water

- Testing kits

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